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QuoteIn my opinion, you would have to be misunderstanding some very basic business and marketing tactics to avoid a program like this. More...

Peter Mayes
Rescue Squad Restoration Co.


John Turner - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialIt's truly an honor to be a part of an awesome network (RestorationSOS). I'm also honored to have the best rep on staff. Thanks for all your hard work and the continued support. You're the best!

John Turner, National Catastrophe Solutions Inc. (IL)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2010

Kyle Gay - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialFor over 4 years Restoration SOS has been an excellent referral source for our company. The referrals are qualified and they have all the details pertaining to the claim. We have been a part of other third party referral sources before and none have come close to the amount of leads we get from them. Being a part of this organization has really added to our bottom line. Thank you Restoration SOS!

Kyle Gay, Royal Renovations (MN)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2008

Daryl Pierce - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialRestorationSOS has been a great part of the growth of my business. Their combination of reliable leads and professional staff has led to a mutually beneficial relationship. I highly recommend them and I look at them as a business partner in the continued growth of my company.

Daryl Pierce, PDES of Costa Mesa (CA)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2012

Mario Olivares - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialI have been working with RestorationSOS since 2010. They are a great group to work with, the quality of leads they provide is remarkable.

Mario Olivares, Epic Restoration (MA)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2010

Robert Cline - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialWorking with RestorationSOS has been great. We receive a good volume of valid leads, and the staff is easy to interact with. The return on investment is very good, there are no burdensome reporting requirements, and I am very satisfied with our relationship with this company. What they do works and the corresponding addition to our annual revenues from their hard work is a big plus!

Robert Cline, Puroclean Fire & Water Damage Recovery (CA)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2008

Angelo Ferrante - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialHudson Valley DKI has been working with RestorationSOS for the past several years for water mitigation, fire restoration and mold remediation losses. Their customer service department has been nothing but friendly and courteous. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Angelo Ferrante, Hudson Valley DKI (NY)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2010

Tom Schneider - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialI have really enjoyed working with RestorationSOS. It is a great way to get new leads. The nice part is that there is no cost for the lead unless you sign the job. Also, with the M.A.P. program, we have been successful in traveling out of state and RestorationSOS supplies many leads, making it possible to feel comfortable that the trip will be successful.

Tom Schneider, Tom's Clean Sweep Restoration Services, Inc. (MI)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2010

Michael Denning - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialI have enjoyed working with RestorationSOS for the last couple of years. The staff is very professional and friendly. When RestorationSOS turns the job over to me, the customers always know what to expect. I would say that we have turned 95% of their leads into productive jobs. Our gross profit from RestorationSOS was over $60,000 in 2011. We look forward to another great year! Thank you.

Michael Denning, Coastline Restoration (FL)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2009

Russel Calderone - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialThey have provided quality leads and [I] am happy to recommend them to others.

Russell Calderone, RDC Restoration (NJ)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2011

Eric Verdoodt - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialRestorationSOS has been one of the most beneficial partnerships I have become a part of. I became a member of the RestorationSOS group in early 2009 and have turned great results and profits. I have joined and paid for many different referral programs and RestorationSOS has by far exceeded the others producing greatest ROI. Thank you RestorationSOS for all of your support in helping me build my company.

Eric Verdoodt, Flood Doctors, LLC (MI)
Member Since 2009

Chirs McCamy - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialRestorationSOS gets you real results, and are true professionals while doing it. We love working with them!

Chris McCamy, Flood Department, LLC. (MD)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2010

Peter MAyes - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialIn my opinion, you would have to be misunderstanding some very basic business and marketing tactics to avoid a program like this. Since I've partnered up with RestorationSOS we have seen a dramatic increase in monthly sales!!!! Nobody has given me a return on my investment like RestorationSOS. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Thanks so much guys for all your support, help and advice! You are one of the main reasons our trucks are always running and our company is growing so FAST! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Peter Mayes, Rescue Squad Restoration Co. (PA)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2009

Chuck Pennington - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialMy firm has been an SOS contractor for about 18 months and they run a very professional outfit. We have received a large number of losses from them ranging from $2,000 to $50,000. We have had two out of the 18 months where the gross was above $50,000. These are mostly emergency water losses, although we did a $20,000 mold loss with them as well. They are very organized and very good folks to deal with.

Chuck Pennington, Certified Cleaning & Restoration, LLC. (NJ)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2008

Stephen Wagner - RestorationSOS Leads Program Testimonial...RestorationSOS has allowed my company, Specialized Cleaning and Flood Restoration in Rochester, NY, to realize second-year profit predictions in June, a full six months ahead of predictions. Integrating Specialized with RestorationSOS was seamless and has totally changed the outlook for my startup.

Stephen Wagner, Specialized Cleaning and Flood Restoration (NY)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2010

Gary Blakeney - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialRestorationSOS is a great company to work with; they always provide great leads with a great turnover rate.

Gary Blakeney, Xtreme Steam Restoration Services (OH)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2011

David Beavers - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialRestorationSOS has been a huge part of my success in the restoration industry. Thank you for all the high quality leads and your excellent customer service!

David Beavers, Resource Restoration (VA)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2006

testimonialI was referred to do work for one of your corporate accounts. This was a 50,000 square foot
commercial loss. My largest ever. This program will work for me as long as the flood is in California...

Mike Perras, Axis Restoration (CA)
RestorationSOS® Member Since 2006

Steven A. LaVelle - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialHave you heard about this company? For years I have been listening to their satisfied customers tell me that joining the RestorationSOS referral service was one of the best business decisions they ever made! And during the past five years I have been recommending that my clients and friends check out the services provided by RestrationSOS. If you haven't already, spend a few minutes to see what they have to offer - then ask a few of their customers what RestorationSOS has done for them. You won't be disappointed!

Steven A. LaVelle M.A. – restoration consultant, co-author of “Insider Secrets for a Successful Restoration Business,” and “197 Ways To Persuade Adjusters (and others) to Give You The Job.”

Philip J. McLaughlin - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialAfter reviewing your program and speaking with your customers, I highly recommend your disaster program to anyone with equipment and labor who desires to do disaster work...

Philip J. McLaughlin, Consultant to the Insurance and Restoration Industries
and co-editor of "Insider Secrets for a Successful Restoration Business"

Mold & Moisture Magazine - RestorationSOS Leads Program TestimonialRestorationSOS Contacts the Pros RestorationSOS of Pasadena, Calif., can connect victims of water damage searching to the water damage restoration or mold remediation professionals they are seeking.

Mold & Moisture Management Magazine