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RestorationSOS Water Damage Leads ProgramI have been working with RestorationSOS since 2010. They are a great group to work with, the quality of leads they provide is remarkable.. More...

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The RestorationSOS® Referral Program

The RestorationSOS® Referral Program is designed to help our members grow their customer base by providing high quality customer referrals in real time. When you become a RestorationSOS® member, our customers become yours.

Committed to superior customer care, we operate an in-house 24/7 hotline, providing our customers with live support around the clock. Our hotline agents are trained to support our clients and offer immediate response from the second they call in until the completion of the job.

Prequalified Referrals

We understand that your time is valuable so we screen and prequalify each customer referral before it is sent to you. This process guarantees that you will only be called with high quality, relevant referrals of customers looking for your services (no carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning, asbestos remediation, etc.)

Our hotline agents interview each customer and provide you with the following information:

  • Complete Contact Information
  • Damage Scope and Brief Description
  • Property Type
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Ownership of the Property
  • Affected Areas / Materials

Click here to download a referral sample (pdf).

Real Time Communication

At RestorationSOS®, we understand that when it comes to disaster restoration services, time is of the essence. We have set new industry standards for prompt customer service by transferring each call to you in real time. To save even more time, we send you the customer information via text messaging (SMS) and email.

How does it Work?

Step 1: A customer calls the RestorationSOS® hotline with a water or fire loss
Step 2: A RestorationSOS® agent screens and qualifies the loss
Step 3: We call you as soon as a loss is qualified and transfer a live call. (If we cannot reach you or your technicians, we send a text message alert to your cell phone.)
Step 4: We send customer information via text message (SMS) and email
Step 5: We follow up with you for a preliminary status and provide additional support if required


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