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Testimonials & Reviews

We are grateful to all of our customers for placing their trust in us, and especially appreciate those who took the time to write and share their experience with us.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration Testimonials & Reviews

Water Damage Restoration TestimonialI am so grateful for the service you provided. We were so upset to discover our washing machine broke in the middle of the night and flooded our home just days after we moved in. My wife was very worried about the water damage, but was quickly put at ease after we spoke with the owner of the restoration company. He called me immediately and spent the time to explain the entire process and how water damage does and does not affect the structure. He answered all of my questions. Within hours, I had a team of guys removing all of the water damaged carpet padding, wood flooring, and baseboards. They were very diligent in installing several blowers and dehumidifiers to properly dry out the areas that were soaked. They came out every day to take moisture readings until everything was dried out. They also worked very well with my homeowners insurance company and the claims adjuster. I could not have been happier with the service I was given.

David R. Hocott

Water Damage Restoration TestimonialAfter getting the water heater replaced we had quite a bit of water damage that was going to be more cleanup than we could do ourselves. We contacted the local RestorationSOS affiliate, Rainbow International, and even though it was getting late in the day, they sent out a truck to begin the cleanup. The tech stayed for nearly 3 hours pumping up the water from our basement. When all the water extraction was completed, he set up numerous high-powered fans to speed the drying of the carpet and walls. Several days later when the drying was complete, the original tech returned, cleaned all the basement carpets, double checked all the baseboards and wall boards, re-stretched the damaged carpet, checked the pad for damage, tacked the carpet back down and made our basement look better than before the flooding. I am very happy with their services.

Dave Seitenbach

Water Damage Restoration TestimonialWe had water damage in our basement and RestorationSOS was able to respond to our urgent need very quickly. The service was top notch and very professional. They were very accommodating and were able to explain the process clearly. Luckily, it was our first water damage and they made it easy and painless. We definitely recommend RestorationSOS to anyone who is in need of having water damage taken care of.

Lin Tran

Water Damage Restoration TestimonialI wanted to take the time to thank RestorationSOS for such expeditious and thorough service. Our furnace pump broke late one evening and after the flooding was contained, we took our HVAC technician's referral to contact RestorationSOS. The company readily answered our call, answered our questions, and set us up for an appointment the following day. The technician came with huge blowers and lifted our carpet and padding to ensure that all of the water dried completely. Walls were even checked for any extra moisture and everything was put back neatly. I thank you for such great customer and technical service. I would highly recommend your company for anyone who needs flood damage clean-up.


Water Damage Restoration TestimonialRestorationSOS did a very thorough job, were honest and wonderful to work with. I received timely follow-up and received great customer service that is very rare now days. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jean Schumacher

Restoration QuoteI found an ad online for RestorationsSOS. They removed the old saturated carpet & linoleum. Within days the floor was completely dry & they treated the basement with anti-mold & odor solution. They always showed up on time & kept all commitments. They kept me updated as well since I don't live with my mom, but was handling the process. We are totally satisfied with the job done & the fair cost. In this day with all the skeptical businesses out there it was great to find an honest company who followed through with their commitment & they were very nice to my elderly mom!

Sue Irving

Restoration QuoteThey not only cleaned and disinfected the sewage mess, they took out old windows and junk that had been accumulating in the basement. The work was professional and done within a reasonable time frame.

David Manthei

Restoration QuoteLast january we had a water line break in our family room. What a mess!!! I called at 6am and had someone at our home before noon. We were very pleased with their prompt arrival and the work done. The workmen were professional and respectful of our home. I would recommend them highly.

Laura Daily

Restoration QuoteOne afternoon the dreaded accident occurred, my garbage disposal stopped working and water spilled over my sink onto my hardwood floors, that leaked into the ceiling of my beautiful, finished lower level. I immediately started looking on my computer for companies that would help with this situation. The SOS said in their ad that they would call immediately and within 5 minutes after my call they responded, a true SOS immediate response. The team came in, assessed the damage and proceeded very professionally. They dried out my floor and gave me excellent follow-up information. RestorationSOS is an excellent company, I would highly recommend this company for any water damage or clean-up situations.

Hollis Batista

Restoration QuoteAfter my basement flooded I found an online service called RestorationSOS which linked me up with a company called MM&M Restoration, Inc. Both companies provided me with excellent service, prompt beyond anyone's expectations in this day of being "on hold" for hours, as well as courteous, professional, thorough and caring. I received follow-up calls from RestorationSOS to see if the job was being done to my satisfaction, and Mike Malone and his team at MM&M Restoration are simply the best. My basement is back to normal with no signs of the water damage. My thanks to everyone at SOS and MM&M.

Dean Sheehan

Restoration QuoteI had RestorationSOS provide mitigation services for damages that occurred resulting from ground water seeping into my basement last July. I contacted them on on Saturday morning... and they were at my house that afternoon. A full inspection was performed and it was determined that the carpet, some of the walls and insulation needed to be removed. They sprayed the area with an antimicrobial spray and provided dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture. I would certainly use RestorationSOS again and recommend RestorationSOS for this type of application as the work was done in a timely and professional manner.

Al Einebrgr

Restoration QuoteI had RestorationSOS provide mitigation services for damages that occurred resulting from ground water seeping into my basement last July. I contacted them on on Saturday morning... and they were at my house that afternoon. A full inspection was performed and it was determined that the carpet, some of the walls and insulation needed to be removed. They sprayed the area with an antimicrobial spray and provided dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture. I would certainly use RestorationSOS again and recommend RestorationSOS for this type of application as the work was done in a timely and professional manner.

Russell Mannings

Restoration QuoteI was involved in the flood on August 11, 2014 in Michigan. The companies in this area were booked solid. So thankfully Restoration SOS came up from Florida, and what a bunch of nice guys. The were very professional and very understanding to our needs. It was a hard time here in Michigan but thanks to them it went as smoothly as possible. Thank you again Restoration SOS couldn't have done it without yous.

Al Einebrgr

Fire Damage Restoration Testimonials & Reviews

Fire Damage Restoration TestimonialDuring last winter season when I first installed our new Harman pellet stove, I went the extra mile and added fresh air intake to the stove. So, I bored two 4" holes through the 8" concrete wall in the basement. One for exhaust and one for the intake. Now, pellet stoves need electricity to work. In fact, if there is no electricity you may wind up with what I had: a fire in the hopper. We lost power and the winds were blowing at 40 miles an hour - the perfect conditions for a fire to make its way to the hopper. Now, we only had some damage. The basement and the stairs leading to next level had bad stench of intense smoke. After doing much research, I settled on RestorationSOS to remove the smell of smoke from my house. I made the correct choice. After a few days of the air scrubbers running and the fog treatment, my house was back to normal. Thank You RestorationSOS!

John Amoretti

Restoration QuoteProviding service to people in their darkest hours is tough. Providing the service the way your team did it is admirable. Your team did a great job restoring our house after it burned. Your crew was conscientious, hard working, friendly, and supporting. Thank you so much.

Veronica and David Levee

Fire Damage Restoration TestimonialI called RestorationSOS after my apartment building caught fire in early Janurary. They were quick to respond and came out to my building to do an assement of the damage. I had no idea where to begin and they advised the only way to fully clean everything was to remove it from the smoke damaged apartment. They advised me on what things, such as a mattress, that I shouldn't waste my time and money on cleaning given the damage. A week later a RestorationSOS team came and packed all of my belongings and removed them to be cleaned. They were efficient, timely and organized. Two weeks later they delivered all my cleaned belongings to my new address. Every box had a number and a clear description of what was inside. It helped tremendously for unpacking. Overall the RestorationSOS team put me at ease during a very traumatic time!

Emily Schowengerdt

Mold Remediation Testimonials & Reviews

Restoration QuoteRecently we suffered a major water problem in our basement. Needless to say, we were very concerned and upset with the horrible odor and black stains of mold that showed up a few days later. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to meet some of the most patient and caring people that we could have imagined. The rapid response, knowledge and level of professionalism of your team are simply "beyond the call of duty". The results are astonishing and we are happy to go down in the basement now. Thank you.

Jose and Kathrin Vargas, IL

Sewage Backup Cleanup Testimonials & Reviews

Mold Cleanup TestimonialThe technicians were very professional and did an excellent job cleaning up the water damage to our basement. They informed us of all the work they were going to do and communicated well with us. Following the cleanup, we couldn't even tell there had been any water damage.

Ruth Clark

Restoration QuoteIn May of 2011, my elderly father, who lives alone in Vernon, NJ, had his septic system back up into the basement, about 2 inches of sewage on the floor, and on the carpeted part of the basement. I made a phone call to RestorationSOS and my needs were met very quickly and efficiently. A clean up man was at my father's house by noon that day. This man got the carpet cut, rolled and out of the house immediately. He sanitized the concrete floors and affected walls. We truly appreciated the same-day response. We made no payments and the claim was filed and paid by our homeowners insurance company. I would most definitely recommend this RestorationSOS.

Janet Watts

Restoration QuoteMy condo tenant was in complete hysteria. The sewer had backed up 3 times in 6 days and each time the problem got worse. After 3 different plumbers had been called in by both me and the condo association, we hoped the problem was resolved...but what do I do now!? After searching the internet, I called RestorationSOS. Their response time to my inquiry was almost instantaneous and I had a clean up member inspecting my rental unit and offering several options to meet my financial needs in no time at all (which was great for my tenant's peace of mind). The clean up & removal of contaminated items went without a hitch. RestorationSOS was a great help in assisting me through the steps needed to eliminate the sewer backup problem and restore my building to habitable status with in a very short time.

Cheryl Gur

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