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Clean, Dry, Repair, and Disinfect Wood Floors

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Wood flooring is potentially the most damaged because it tends to swell and buckle as it becomes wet and cannot be dried out rapidly or adequately. Wooden floors should be dried gradually and equally. Sudden drying could cause cracking or splitting.

Hire a Professional

Learn how to clean, dry, repair, and disinfect wood floors after water damage. Utilize simple techniques to dry out and clean your wood floorsA professional restoration company can accelerate drying time by forcing air through the fluted underside of hardwood floorboards. Another common technique, utilized by restoration companies, is to remove a board every few feet to reduce buckling caused by swelling.

Hiring a restoration company increases the chance that your wood floor will be salvaged. The knowledge, experience, and special equipment utilized by restoration companies will reduce replacement costs as larger areas will be restored.

Drying Out Wood Floors

If you choose to dry out your floor by yourself, be sure allow the wood to dry equally and gradually. Never use heaters to dry wood floors as the heat will cause sudden focused drying and you will cause permanent damage to the heated area.

Air circulation is a good drying method. Open the windows and doors of the damaged room to allow air to free-flow. You can speed up the process by using fans to promote faster air circulation. More dry out techniques

Clean Wood Floors

Start with sweeping or use a vacuum to remove any dirt and debris. Then use clean rags to apply oil soap or any cleaning oil designed for wood floors. Be sure to apply the oil to the rag, not the floor, and wipe the floor with the wet rag using straight strokes going with the grain of the wood.

Spread the oil as evenly as possible to ensure that color is affected equally over the entire surface. Make a second, lighter pass with the oil as needed to even up any light spots.

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