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Friday, May 17, 2024

Repairing a Water Damaged Tablet

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Tablets are the earliest, flat mobile computers, predating the iconic iPad with portable computing power and convenience. They offer an array of options and models and have revolutionized the modern user experience. Their portability also means they are more likely to end up in water situation such as rainfall or being immersed in swimming pools or other large bodies of water.

In any case of electronics-related water damage, it is very important to refrain from operating the unit. If the unit is off when the damage occurs, then leave it turned off. If it is turned on when the damage occurs, then shut off the power as quickly as possible. Water and electricity do not mix, and running a live current through wet circuitry may cause the unit to burn out completely, rendering it beyond repair.

If possible, remove the battery. You want to make sure that there is no chance that electrical currents can be transmitted through the unit. If the battery cannot be quickly removed, then at least make sure the tablet is powered down.

You should also remove the SIM card from the unit and make sure it is properly dried out. SIM cards may be successfully interchangeable between tablets.

All wet surfaces will need to be dried off, preferably using a towel or a lint-free cloth. Placing the tablet in dry rice or using silica gel packs is an excellent means for removing excess water or moisture. The key is to make sure that everything is properly dried out, a process that may take several days to complete. If you use drying units, refrain from using heat as this may cause additional damage or even warp the casing of the unit itself. Use cool air to dry the tablet out, or place the tablet beside an air conditioning vent overnight to aid in drying.

Remember that the operative word here is "dry". All surfaces and circuitry must be completely dried out in order to make sure the tablet works as it should. Once the tablet has had sufficient time to dry, you may reinstall the battery and SIM card and then attempt to power the unit. If it works normally, then your efforts have been a success. If it works intermittently or doesn't work at all, then there was too much damage done initially, more than could be rectified by simple drying procedures.

Some repair shops may offer tablet repair services. Just make sure the shop you choose is properly equipped and experienced to handle water damaged tablets and similar devices.

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