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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Repairing a Water Damaged Nook

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Ebook readers are becoming increasingly popular, to the point where bookstores are becoming increasingly rare. The upside is that numerous books may be stored on one unit, making traveling easier; however, the down side is that units such as the Nook are susceptible to problems such as water damage. Exposure to the elements or being dropped into tubs or pools can result in serious damage if the unit is not properly taken care of in the aftermath.

Once water damage to your Nook has occurred, you need to act quickly in order to make sure everything gets dried out as soon as possible in order for the unit to be functional again. Take immediate action by drying the Nook off, wiping all water from surfaces of the unit with a clean, dry towel. You can also take off the back cover by accessing a small indentation near the USB port.

After the interior circuitry is exposed, you will want to place the Nook into a box of uncooked rice. Be sure to completely cover the unit. Rice is an excellent method for removing excess water and drying up moisture. Plain white rice will work just fine and you can leave the Nook submerged in the rice for as long as you need to with no ill effects.

Leave the Nook in the rice for a period of several days. After everything is dried out, then you can plug the unit back in and try to power it back up. Hopefully the drying process will work and it functions normally. If not, then the unit will need to be considered a loss.

If the unit doesn't work, then contact Barnes & Noble, the producers of the Nook. Just because a unit fails to work at one point doesn't mean that it won't start working later on. If you sell the unit or give it away and it does begin working, then somebody else has access to your information, your account, and possibly your credit card information. Not a good situation to be in. Contact Barnes & Noble and have them deauthorize the Nook and look into obtaining a new one.

If you choose to send in the Nook for replacement, then remove the miniSD card that was installed to expand the memory of the unit. This card may work just fine and may be used in any replacement unit that you purchase.

Of course, the best water damage treatment for any Nook is to avoid getting it wet in the first place. Exercise extreme caution when operating a Nook around the pool or in weather conditions that may suddenly turn nasty. If you end up caught in the rain, place the Nook in a safe, dry place.

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