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Friday, May 17, 2024

How to Fix Water Damage on an iPod (Nan0)

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Water damage on an iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, or iPod Touch can happen with a simple soda spill, forgot in your washing machine, a splash in the pool, or even a cycle through the laundry. iPod is a handy entertainment device so it is not surprising that people take it everywhere they go - beaches, gyms, saunas, pools, and even their workplace. Purchasing a waterproof iPod case is a good option to protect the iPod, but if damage happens despite taking precautions, these are some steps you can take:

  1. Turn your iPod off - A gadget that has short-circuited is more challenging to repair than one that only experienced water damage. Quickly turn the device off as soon as possible after coming in contact with water.
  2. Shake and wipe - Remove water by gently shaking the gadget and wiping it with a clean cloth. Do not attempt to use a blow dryer or other external heat device or you may risk damaging the iPod's plastic components.
  3. Let dry in a warm place - Water damage on iPod Nano, or any iPod model for that matter, can be better remedied if drying process was thorough and fast. Lay the iPod on top of a TV, refrigerator, or another warm, safe spot.

If you are confident that you can disassemble and then reassemble the iPod this can allow the parts can dry faster. However, be aware that this voids the iPod warranty. Wipe the parts with cotton or a cloth and rubbing alcohol. Then place them in a sealed plastic bag with uncooked rice or silica gels. Either of these items will absorb the moisture in the iPod.

The good news is that all iPod models are expertly designed and well-built to withstand possible damages. Although there is little chance of water getting into the device itself, if the iPod was completely submerged in water, the problem may not be solved by the tips above. You may have to take it to an Apple Store or a water damage restoration specialist.

Apple's Limited Warranty for iPod (Nano, Shuffle, Classic, or iPod Touch) does not include coverage for liquid damages. Do not attempt to take the iPod to an Apple Store and make a claim that it has not come in contact with water. Chances are Apple technicians will be able to tell whether or not the damage was caused by water.

If it is still possible to repair, you can also take advantage of Apple's out-of-warranty service. This can be costly, though. If you don't know how to fix water damage on iPod yourself and having it served by Apple is not an option, try contacting a local water damage restoration specialist.

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