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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Reducing the Effects of Hidden Water Damage

By Terry Allen

Water damage is an unpleasant situation that homeowners are likely to face at least once in their lifetime. Minimizing the effects to both to the home and to the homeowner’s financial budget would greatly depend on the actions taken immediately after detecting water damage that has occurred. In order to minimize the damage, homeowners should understand the facts behind water damage and how to properly control it.

Four Common Causes

According to a statistical study conducted by RestorationSOS®, the four most common types of water damage are the following:

  1. Damage brought about by burst or leaking pipes inside the walls or underneath the floors of the home
  2. Damage brought about by a backed-up toilet, shower or sink due to an object clogging the main pipes
  3. Damage coming from an appliance malfunction such as a leak from a dishwasher, refrigerator or a washing machine
  4. Damage brought about by natural phenomenon such as strong torrential rains or storms that cause a leak in the roof or cause water to enter through the cracks on walls or window seams

Detecting Water Damage

Hidden water  damage can potentially lead to extensive damage to your home and expensive repairs. Learn how to detect hidden water damage and reduce its effectsIt will be hard to visibly check if there is a leak inside walls or under the floor since the pipelines are hidden. However, you can determine if you have a leak if your water meter reading is changing even after turning off all faucets and appliances that use water.

There are also tell-tale signs that a water leak is occurring. For a two-story home with a bathroom upstairs, a water stain on the first floor ceiling will clearly indicate that water is leaking between the floors. If this is the case, then a professional plumber or a water damage restoration expert should be hired to fixed the leak and restore the integrity of the ceiling.

Other tell-tale signs of hidden leaks are hot areas underneath floor tiles which will indicate that hot water is seeping out of pipes, or carpeted areas that are found to be wet mysteriously.

Take heed and always remember that a seemingly unthreatening leak can become a severe water damage problem overnight. It is always good practice to follow the old saying that "a stitch in time saves nine."

Water Damage Effects

Water damage effects in the home may be slight or severely damaging depending on the magnitude of the leak. However, a leak that is not detected early might have severe effects since it may promote the growth of indoor molds that can cause a number of health concerns for the home's occupants. Continuous leaking may also weaken and ultimately destroy any wooden materials that are being soaked in water.

Handling Water Damage

If a water problem is detected or if there is a suspected leak inside walls or underneath floors, act quickly. Take action immediately and call a certified water damage professional. Delaying the process will only create more problems that would require more expenses.

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