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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Prevent Water Damage in the Basement - part 2

By Terry Allen

In addition to the prevention techniques, covered in part 1 of this article, there are few more steps needed to complete the inspection in the basement.

Many home maintenance systems are based in the basement such as electrical wires, water and sewage pipes, garbage disposals and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and cooling) systems. These systems generate moisture leading to potential water related problems.

Heating and Air Conditioning System

Prevent water damage in your basement! Simple inspections for HVAC and ventilation systems, sump pumps ... See also: practical DAMAGE PREVENTION TIPSIf located in the basement, heating and air conditioning systems must be regularly inspected. Make it a habit to check the drain pans and remove dust and debris to allow it to flow freely. Do not overlook the filters and replace them when needed.

When inspecting the HVAC, take a close look at the ductwork. Deteriorating insulation must be treated and sealed.

Ventilation Systems

When checking the basement ventilation systems, be sure to inspect all systems including the water heater, exhaust fans, dryer vents, etc. If you suspect any failures in these systems, repair them right away.

Sump Pumps

For many homeowners the first line of defense against water in the basement is a sump pump. Sump pump systems assist in keeping unwanted water out of your home.

When checking the pump, make sure the outlet pipe is not frozen or clogged and that it directs water away from your home.

Test the pump by filling the sump pit with water to make sure the pump is working properly. Check that the pump is running and that it is actually pumping out water.

Clean the air hole in the discharge line. Make sure that the motor is running well and not emitting any strange noises.

In battery operated pumps, check the battery and replace when needed. All problems must be fixed any immediately.

Smart Tips for Water Damage Prevention in the Basement:

  • Test your sump pump periodically to be sure it will not malfunction when you need it.
  • Battery-operated sump pumps can offer additional protection against power failure.

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