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Water Damage Restoration How Much Does It Cost and What Affects the Pricing?

By Terry Allen

One of the major considerations in a water damage restoration job is the cost. You will find many generalizations online about how much a job costs. Some say the typical cost to repair water damage is around $5,000, but this is a general figure. That means the actual cost to fix the water damage in your home could be lower or higher.

Such average figures do little to help customers make informed decisions because the difference to the actual cost can vary greatly for two reasons pricing a job is on a case-to-case basis and different companies can also give different water damage restoration estimates on the same job. The best way to know how much a job will cost you is to simply ask for a quote; but do not be content with just a verbal or over-the-phone estimate. Make sure the contractor provides you with a written quote with a breakdown of the costs so you have a clear reference.

Which Elements Affect the Price?

To understand how a contractor prices a job, you need to know about the different factors that are taken into consideration when coming up with a cost estimate. One factor is the height of the water level or the amount of still water that needs to be extracted. Naturally, the more water the contractor needs to remove from the affected area, the higher the price.

Water Type

Also, the type of water that the contractor will be dealing with will affect water damage restoration estimates. There are three categories of water:

  1. Clean water (Category 1) which does not pose any health risks because the water is not contaminated; such as water from a faucet that was left open.
  2. Grey water (Category 2) which comes from sources that contain physical, biological or chemical pollutants such as kitchen waste water or laundry water and can cause illness or discomfort to anyone who becomes exposed to it or who consumes it.
  3. Black water (Category 3) is highly-toxic and completely unsanitary; such as sewage water and flood water.

Obviously, cleaning up Category 3-type of water would require more effort as well as special cleaning and restoration procedures and carries a lot more risks so you can expect to pay more if the water damage is caused by such type of water than if it was caused by clean water.

The Size of the Affected Area

In addition, the size of the affected area, usually measured by square feet, will of course have a bearing on water damage restoration estimates. It would only be logical to pay more for the cleanup and restoration of a 3,000 square foot area versus 300 square feet.

The Extent of the Damage

Likewise, the extent of the water damage will have an equal proportion to the cost, meaning the smaller the damage, the lower the costs. Repairing a small leak would cost less than to repair a water- damaged ceiling that is already caving in.

The Materials Involved

Other factors to consider in coming up with a job cost estimate is the type of materials that the contractor has to work on. For instance, the price will vary depending on whether your floor is made of concrete, wooden boards or is fully carpeted. Lastly, how long the job takes will also affect the overall cost since contractors usually charge an hourly fee for labor.

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