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Friday, February 23, 2024

Red Flags – Warning Signs of a Bad Water Restoration Company

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

When your home suffers water or flooding damage, you only have a short time before a serious problem becomes even worse. You always have to remember that the clock is ticking. Flood water will continue to wreak havoc on your property until it is completely removed and the area dried out. If it is left alone long enough, you will see subsequent problems such as mold occur. It is of utmost importance to get professional help to your home as soon as possible in order to remediate the problem.

There are plenty of companies out there that advertising water damage restoration as part of their services, but when you consider that this industry is largely unregulated, it basically means that you can never be sure exactly who is coming to work on your home. It may be a highly trained and experienced technician from a reputable firm, or it could just as easily be an amateur handyman. Hiring the wrong company may take an already bad situation and make it even worse.

The good news is that there are some warning signs that should serve to wave you off before hiring the wrong person for the job. You only need a dose of common sense to recognize them.

What to Look For in a Water Damage Company

Answering Their Own Phone.
A reputable company will be available to talk to you around the clock, any day. This allows you to talk to a real human being and usually receive same-day service in most cases. If you get a voicemail and the vague pledge to get back to you "the next business day", it's safe to assume that this isn't the company you want working on your home.

24/7 Service.
The ideal company should be able to have a qualified technician on your doorstep at any time day or night. They can properly assess your specific problem and take the appropriate first steps to contain the problem and begin the water restoration process. This is especially important for the consumer because water damage emergencies aren't known for occurring at convenient times.

Industry Certification.
The water restoration industry may be mostly unregulated, but it has done a remarkable job of self-egulating through the founding of industry leaders such as The Clean Trust and RIA, both of which establish accepted procedures and professional standards for the industry. Remember, just because a company is certified doesn't mean they are necessarily competent. What it does mean is that they took the time, effort, and most importantly money in order to get their personnel properly trained on the most current procedures and state of the art equipment. Certification also means that training will be ongoing in order to keep abreast of the newest technological advances.

All Work Guaranteed.
Any company that is even halfway legitimate will stand behind their work. You want one that will put it in writing. You've already been through enough stress, and this provides added peace of mind that the job was properly done right the first time.

Water damage is a serious matter, and it is important for you to be both quick and smart when it comes to choosing your provider. Knowing what you’re looking for and what to steer clear of will prove invaluable when it come to helping you restore your home or business to its former beauty as soon as possible.

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