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Friday, February 23, 2024

Comparing Estimates for Water Damage Cleanup

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Not much rattles your home life like major water damage problems. All it takes is a burst pipe in an upstairs bathroom to cause severe damage to your property within a matter of minutes, damage that simply cannot be repaired quickly or easily. Water damage restoration is one of those procedures that is usually beyond the ability of most homeowners, and as a result, should usually be handled by a professional.

Of course, hiring a professional presents its own kind of problems. Not every company is qualified for every job, even within a specialized industry such as restoration. It is highly recommended that property owners seek out no less than three estimates before committing to any one water damage restoration provider or signing any contract for repair work to be done.

Where to Begin

Most people get estimates as a way of obtaining the lowest possible price. While price does figure substantially in the equation, it is not the only thing to consider. Property owners should also examine each company carefully and make sure the services provided are relevant to the problem at hand, not to mention availability. Water damage is something that should be addressed as soon as possible, so it might make sense to pay more for somebody who can come out today as opposed to a less expensive outfit whose earliest available slot is two or three days away.

How to Choose a Restoration Company

It is important to remember that getting the best deal does not always mean the cheapest price. In cases such as water damage where the repair work is so involved, it is usually preferable to make choices based on (again) availability, range of available services, and most importantly, the reputation of the company involved. The only exception to this rule is if the damage occurred as the result of a severe damage event or natural disaster. In these cases, prompt treatment is the first order of business and the luxury of comparison shopping is often eliminated due to the level of damage and high demand for qualified providers.

In some cases, the insurance provider covering the property may steer the property owner to a certain restoration provider that they have partnered with. This is not always the best choice since some (not all) of these companies may have insurance policies, limits, and bottom lines as the deciding factor in their level of care for the home and its possessions.

RestorationSOS® is one of the leading restoration providers in the country, and offers home and business owners up to three free estimates from independent, screened, and certified contractors. This allows you to choose from among the best restoration companies that the industry has to offer, backed not only by RestorationSOS© but also industry leaders and authorities such as the Clean Trust and Restoration Industry Association (RIA).

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