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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Asset Protection after Water Damage

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Learn how to protect and save your home's assets after a water damage situationThere are few things that can frazzle homeowners the way water damage can. Even those who are known to be calm and level-headed can feel defeated once a disaster like this strikes. The reason behind this is that water damage can move very quickly and do damage without any warning. While it is perfectly understandable when panic or upset ensues, it is not always the best response.

Given that water damage can ruin valuable items in your home and even the property itself very quickly, homeowners have to be prepared to minimize damage as quickly as possible. The sooner the response, the less extensive the restoration will be.

The Preliminary Steps

Inform your insurance company of water damage without any delay. The reason why insurance companies are an important part of the protection process is that they offer financial benefits. The repair of water damage can be quite costly and making sure that the restoration can be filed as a claim can be of great assistance.

When calling the insurance company, make sure that the call is made from a safe location such as a neighbor's house. Do not put put yourself or your family in danger if the water damage is too severe. Evacuations should be the priority if the need to do so is apparent.

Quick Repairs

If it is safe to be inside the house, cover up any broken windows or damaged doors with plastic or tarps to prevent more water from coming in. If the flooding is coming from leaks in the pipes, turn off the main water supply. In water damage, being proactive is important. Try not to panic and instead find ways to protect the property.

Secure Valuables

In the event that evacuation is necessary and the house cannot be completely secured, remove all valuables from the property. Vandals or thieves can take items that are left out in the open. They may be taken in a secure location such as the house of a friend or put in a storage unit while the house is being restored.

If the damage is contained to one area of the house, take the valuables to another section of the house. Furniture and area rugs may also be placed outside in a sunny location and away from water so they can dry out. Carpets that have been wet for no longer than two days can generally be salvaged as long as they are dried out and cleansed immediately.

Remove the Water

If water is found in the house, it can be removed through sweeping or the use of the wet vacuum. Increase the ventilation in the room or turn on the air conditioners to help increase the speed of drying. Dehumidifiers also work to dry out the interiors of the affected area. In extreme cases, consult a professional on the best drying methods in order to protect the home immediately.

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