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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Preventing Wind Driven Rain in Commercial Buildings

By Kimberly Duncan

Learn how to prevent rain, wind and wind-driven rain damage to your commercial, business, or other buildingsMany areas in the United States are prone to strong winds caused by hurricanes, thunderstorms, and other weather events. There are steps that can be taken to protect the property from damage even with such strong winds and the rain that they tend to bring.

Preparatory Options

The windows and doors of the building must always be in top condition. Pay close attention to the corners and ensure that they do not leak. The installation of flashing, which are thin metal strips, in building openings should be fitted properly to prevent water from coming in. In addition to this, the vents featured in the building should be securely anchored and sealed.

The parts of the building should be damage-free. This is particularly important when it comes to the woodwork such as beams and floors. When exposed to the elements, wood tends to decay or become eaten by termites. Damaged areas are more vulnerable to water damage. Basements should also feature built-in shields against the rain.

Focus on the Exteriors of the Building

The exteriors of the building should be treated to become waterproof. This means that the walls should be sealed and well painted. For openings like electrical outlets and vents should be caulked with silicone. If a storm is on the way, close the vents with duct tape. The drains and gutters of the building should also be regularly maintained to prevent them from clogging.

As for the landscaping of commercial building, the soil should not mound up against the walls. Trim the trees so that the branches are kept at some distance from the building surface. The recommended distance is at least seven feet. The reason for this is that it will prevent moisture from coming in. Avoid vines on exterior walls because they can cause cracks to appear.

Windows and Doors Protection

The windows and doors are essential in preventing rain from entering commercial buildings. Thus, they need special attention to ensure that they are doing their tasks properly. The windows should be able to resist impact without its shutters and glass being damaged. The doors should have at least three hinges and have deadbolt locks. For hurricane-prone areas, the installation of metal or solid wood doors is recommended to protect against debris. For other types of doors, strengthen them with shutters or additional bolt restraints.

Immediate Response during Water Intrusion

If water does enter the building, it is important to act quickly because the damage can spread in an instant. Having a plan in place before hurricanes or tough weather occurs can do wonders in an emergency.

The first thing to do is to remove the water and waterlogged materials. Wet rugs, documents, and other appliances should be separated from dry contents. The purpose of this is to make sure that the water does not spread. Board up the doors and windows if they were broken by the storm. Once it is safe to do so, contact the insurance company to report the event. This is vital because they can provide advice on what to do next.

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