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Friday, February 23, 2024

Commercial Water Damage - Why Quick Recovery is Important

By Kimberly Duncan

Even in a well-managed office, water damage emergencies can still happen. Today more than ever with the uncertainty in the economy and more buildings being vacated, it is crucial for business owners to be ready for any crisis, including water damage. Being prepared as early as possible will enable a business to recover more quickly from unpleasant and unexpected situations like flooding or cooling system failures. It will also mean that business operations can return to normal more quickly.

Be Prepared

How long will it take to get a commercial property back to business? How prepared is your business for a water damage emergency? Learn more about the importance of quick responseIf you are business owner or manager, being prepared for emergencies is a must. One of the basic preparedness steps to learn includes, first, knowing how to turn off the lines that supply water to the building. Routine checking of these supply lines should also be put in place to make sure the controls are working. In addition, keep appropriate emergency tools in the building within easy access to your staff.

You should post a list of phone numbers to call during emergencies on several accessible areas in the office such as phone numbers for the fire department, emergency response units and the police. Similarly, prepare a list of contact information for water removal companies and plumbing technicians so you can get in touch with them right away should the need arise. If your business is located in an area with high risk of hurricanes and flooding, it is strongly recommended to initiate a service contract with a reliable commercial water damage cleanup and restoration company ahead of a crisis.

Minimize Water Damage Effects

The steps above underline the importance of quick response to water damage, which is the key to reducing further damage to the building such as mold and mildew growth and getting your business back to its usual day-to-day operations. Costs will also be reduced the sooner the damage is contained and restoration begins since more items can be salvaged and fewer items need to be replaced. Also, quick cleanup will prevent mold development which can be costly to remediate.

Indeed, every minute matters when a business is faced with water damage. Not only are the damages a loss, but also the lost sales and production each day the business is interrupted. Customer satisfaction will certainly be affected. Customers who cannot wait to make a purchase may ultimately go to your competitors. If you offer services instead of products, not being able to recover quickly from commercial water damage due to a lack of a business continuity plan shows poor business sense and can discourage potential clients and displease existing ones to the point that they may not renew their contract with you. You have to understand that any production delays you cause your clients also translate to financial losses to them.

Plan Ahead

As you can imagine the recovery process involves many different things including evaluating overall damage, conducting repairs to the affected location, relocating the business if the damage makes it impossible to conduct business there, making any necessary modifications to a temporary office, renovations to the water-damaged building, re-ordering of inventory and office supplies, and communicating with customers, staff and suppliers. Establishing a business continuity plan will enable you to continue business operations while completing the recovery process in the fastest time possible.

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