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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Stain Removal Guide - W

By Kimberly Duncan

Wax Stains
Wax stains are commonly caused by candles. When wax accidentally drips on clothes or fabric, allow the wax to dry before making any attempts to remove it. Once it is hard and dry, use a knife to scrape off the dried wax. After this, iron the fabric. Make sure to put a thick cloth, such as a bath towel, underneath the stained clothing. Also put blotting paper on top of the clothing. Iron the fabric until the wax melts. The purpose of the blotting paper is for it to absorb the melted wax. Let the ironed fabric cool down. Wash the fabric afterwards. If the stain still there, you can soak the fabric overnight in a solution of water and stain removal. Rinse and wash as usual.

Wine Stains
Wine stains easily become permanent, so it is best to treat the stained areas without delay. Blot the stains using a white wet cloth or wet paper towel to remove the excess wine on the clothing. Make sure not to rub or wipe off the wine stains as this may bring about the spread of the stain to other areas. After this, spray or pour some cold water on the stain. It is very important to keep the stained area wet because once the stains have dried out it will be very difficult to remove them. Afterwards, soak the garment with an oxygen-based stain remover. Rinse off after a few minutes then wash it again with warm water.

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