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Stain Removal Guide - F

By Kimberly Duncan

Facial Cream Stains
Use solvent-based products to remove the stains of oil-based facial creams. The product must be of the extra-strength variety because oil-based stains are very stubborn and difficult to remove. Apply the stain removal cream or fluid on the affected area and gently spread it on the stain.

After such application, wash the clothing in warm water with the normal amount of detergent. Make sure to completely dry the garment and check if the stain has been removed. If it has not been totally removed, you may repeat the procedure until results are satisfactory.

Fingerprint Stains
Fingerprint stains on clothes may be removed by soaking the affected areas in cold water mixed with strong liquid detergent. Leave the fabric soaked for fifteen minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Do not let the stained clothing dry unless the stain has been completely removed. Repeat the steps until you see the desired results.

Footprint Stains
Mud stains on floors and carpets must be treated at once to prevent the stains from drying and becoming permanent. Use warm water to treat the stained area. The warm water will help in breaking down the stain and allowing it to be easily removed. Liquid detergent may also be used to completely scrub off the dirt and mud. Rinse the affected area thoroughly for perfect, stain-free results.

Fresh Fruit Stains
Scoop up any excess fruit with a spoon. Make sure that there is no more fruit left on the item. After this, the fresh fruit sap must be carefully treated by rubbing a piece of cloth soaked in a mixed solution of heavy-duty detergent and warm water. Be meticulous when using chemical-filled detergents. Read the package labels carefully. If possible, do a test application on a hidden area of the affected floor or clothing item.

When it is a carpet or rug that is stained with fruit, use cold water instead of warm water. Use liquid detergent to rub off the stain and then rinse the solution with hot water. If the stain is still not removed, try using lemon juice and rub the carpet or rug with a damp sponge.

Fruit Juice Stains
When fruit juice is accidentally spilled on clothing, do not try to wipe the stain off. Pour boiling water over the fruit juice stain. Allow the water to be absorbed. After the stain has been soaked in the water, immediately wash the clothing. If the stain cannot be attended to at once, try sprinkling salt over the stained area so that the spread of the stain will be arrested.

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