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Stain Removal Guide

By Kimberly Duncan

Removing stains can sometimes seem like a complex problem. There are many factors you will need to take into consideration before choosing the right removal technique. Factors such as stain type, origin of the stain, and color scheme has a lot to do with choosing the right removal technique and materials.

The fact is that stains happen daily; however, most stains can be removed successfully if you choose the right method and materials. Unfortunately, some stains are harder to remove and will require professional help.

Keep in mind that not all stains are removable and some will cause permanent damage to the item. For example: permanent ink stains cannot be removed at all.

Detailed instructions for specific stain removals are available in the alphabetized guide Important Disclaimer!

Stain Removal - the Basics

Clean it While It's Still Fresh
Treating a stain while it is still fresh makes it an easy task because once the stain has dried, it might affect the item permanently.

Follow Directions
When you try to remove a stain, it is important to follow cleaning directions as mentioned on the item. It is also important to follow the directions on your cleaning products.

Test in a Hidden Area
Always test stain-removal techniques in a hidden area of the item as sometimes stain-removal techniques do more harm than good.

Confirm Even Color Removal When Using Bleach
Never bleach only one stained spot on an item as this may result in uneven color removal for the entire item.

Wash the Item
After treating an item with stain removal products, be sure to thoroughly wash it to remove the product and stain residue.

Be Thorough
Some stains require repeat treatments to be removed completely. Do not dry the item before confirming that the stain removal treatment worked and that the stain is completely removed as drying a stained item will cause a stain to set.

Never Mix Stain Removal Products
Mixing different chemicals can cause unpleasant odors and mixed results on your item.

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