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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Wind Damage to Roofs: Exposure to Water

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Your home's roof is the first and best line of defense against the elements. A solid roof will keep water out of your attic and subsequently out of the rest of your home. If the roof becomes compromised in any way, then you find yourself with a leak problem that will only get worse over time. It is important that you keep your roof in excellent working condition.

Anywhere that shingles are missing or flashing is damaged may allow access to your home by not only rainwater, but also snow, hail and other debris. Of course, the easiest way to combat this is through periodic roof inspections, repairing and replacing damaged components as they occur in order to prevent the elements from gaining a foothold.

Wind damage is the number one culprit when it comes to roof damage. While water is capable of causing harm to your roofing system, it isnít normally the root cause. High velocity winds can get up under loose shingles, ripping them off, and you end up with a chain reaction as more and more shingles are torn up under the force of the wind. It's the weather equivalent of peeling an orange; you have to first break the skin, but once that is done the rest of the covering comes off quite easily.

While roofs may not completely come off, enough strong wind can guarantee sufficient damage to allow for substantial water damage. Rain or snow pours in, soaking areas in the attic of your home. It would then logically flow downward, through your ceilings, soaking drywall, and causing problems with the electrical and HVAC systems.

How to Handle the Results of Wind Damage

As mentioned, the leak should be repaired quickly because it will not improve over time. Wind damage to your roof needs to be taken care of rapidly and efficiently in order to avoid more long term problems. The moment water enters the home, there is a potential for catastrophic loss as water travels along beams, electrical conduits and wiring. It has the uncanny ability to get pretty much everywhere, including places that the average homeowner would never think to look.

Sealing the roof deck is a cure recommended by many in the home repair industry, as it strengthens the roofing structure and reduces the chance of large scale property damage if the roof does become compromised. The sealing process is a relatively inexpensive project, but brings with it some very obvious money-saving benefits.

In the event of water damage as the result of a roofing leak, you should contact your local water damage restoration professionals. Timing is everything when dealing with water damage in your home, and these companies know how to properly assess the problem and begin the repair and restoration process.

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