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Sunday, April 14, 2024

How Wind Damages a Property

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Most people have experienced strong winds in their area. Occasionally, it can be so strong that trees uproot and fall, giving in under the relentless beating from gale force winds. If we find ourselves outside, we may discover that it is difficult to stay on our feet or keep our car traveling in a straight line. The power of wind must be seen to be believed. Wind damage can affect a property in any number of ways.

Examples of Wind Damage

Trees and Bushes
Trees are commonly uprooted as a result of high velocity winds. Those trees that may be unhealthy or without strong root systems will be at heightened risk. Uprooted trees may pose a danger to your home if they are close by and happen to fall in the wrong direction. Worse, a person standing outside in the wrong place could get hurt. Always make sure your trees are in good condition and have any weaklings removed to prevent them from becoming storm-related problems.

Roof Damage
Strong winds may also damage your roof, tearing away shingles and flashing and basically opening your home to the elements. If the wind is accompanied by torrential rain, then you have problems. Make sure your roof is in good condition, replace shingles and flashing as needed, and if you live in an area that is especially prone to storms, look into having your roof professionally reinforced to resist the strains and stresses that go along with high wind conditions.

Loose Objects
Another problem lies in what the wind may blow around. If a storm with high winds is in your future, go outside and secure anything and everything that may become an airborne missile. Lawn chairs, bird feeders, grills, trash cans, etc. Wind can pick up just about anything, and if hurled with sufficient force, it may cause serious damage or injury.

Windows and Glass
Many of us think that the scene with windows blowing out only happens in the movies. Not always so. Wind can shatter glass, either through the force of sheer velocity or through rapidly changing air pressure as the result of an approaching tornado. Windows can be protected by boarding up procedures or by installing storm shutters. If you live in an area known for its storms, such as Florida, then storm shutters are probably the most logical investment.

Never underestimate the power of wind. It is the single most destructive element of any storm and can leave behind thousands of dollars in damage to your property. Make sure you have procedures in place to defend your property and family from the effects of high winds or tornado activity.

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