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Thursday, July 25, 2024

What to do During a Category 4 Hurricane

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

As hurricane season approaches, many people wonder what year will bring storm-wise, and if we will see another instance of a Category 4 hurricane striking the US mainland. In years past, storms such as Hazel, Iris, Michelle, and Charley have come ashore bringing with them extremely torrential rains, severe flooding and major damage to homes and businesses.

Category 4 storms mean that catastrophic damage is likely to occur, with extensive curtainwall failures, and complete roofing failure on many structures. Most structures are at risk for severe damage, with lighter constructs such as mobile homes becoming completely obliterated. Beach erosion will be severe and flooding will occur for many miles inland. Residents along the coast and in the path of the storm will be evacuated and power loss will be widespread and long lasting, possibly for several weeks.

While not a named storm, the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the deadliest natural disaster to hit the US and its statistics corresponded to a modern day Cat 4 storm.

Steps You Can Take for a Category 4 Storm

In the event you are in the path of a Category 4 hurricane, evacuation is your best bet. Secure your home, batten down the hatches, and get out of town. Pack enough provisions for an extended stay away from home, and be sure to let a family member out of state know you're alright and uninjured. Under no circumstances should you attempt to return to your home until the storm has passed and the all clear is given by local and federal emergency management.

While it isn't recommended, some people insist on staying in their homes and trying to ride out even the worst hurricane events. If you do decide to stay, you need to be aware of the considerable danger you are placing yourself in. You should not assume that if things get bad that you will be rescued later on. That may or may not happen, and no rescuer should be put in harm's way.

Secure your home. Hurricanes sometimes tend to bring out the worst in people, including those who prey on hurricane victims by robbing the vacant homes. Keep doors and windows locked.

Have a safe room prepared just in case the integrity of your homeís structure is compromised. Usually the innermost room in a structure is the best choice.

Extinguish all candles once the winds start really whipping up. It only takes a gust inside your home to overturn candles and start a fire, and you donít need to add fire to the damages.

The best option is to evacuate, but if you stay, take any and all measures to protect your life.

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