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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mold Removal: DIY vs. Professional

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Mold is the single most common end result from water damage, and all too often described in the media like something out of a bad horror movie. It grows in dark places, can be difficult to kill, and can cause serious harm to anyone who gets near it. While some of that may seem sensationalistic, the fact is that mold can be a dangerous threat to your health and your home. Health hazards are real, and since mold destroys the surface that it grows on, it canít be a very good thing for it to be growing on any part of your home. The good part is, in a great many cases, mold may be successfully gotten rid of using products available at the local grocery store.

Most home mold occurs in the shower or around the sink, anywhere there is adequate moisture. A little cleaner and some elbow grease and the problem is solved. Open some windows to increase the ventilation to the room and you have significantly reduced the chances of the mold returning. Moisture means mold. Eliminate one and you prevent the other.

Will Bleach Kill Mold?

For the longest time, bleach was recommended for killing mold, but more recently that process has been discouraged. This is due primarily to the fact that it is only a temporary fix at best. It kills the mold on the surface, but does nothing for mold growing in porous areas. In fact, the water in bleach may actually accelerate the mold growth.

When Should You Seek Pro Help?

There are cases where professional help is your only option, namely those moments when you discover mold growing along pipes or walls in your basement or crawlspace. When the growth is this size, such as several square feet or more, store-bought cleaners will have little effect and the problem will only get steadily worse. Trying to clean it yourself may actually send hundreds of thousands of mold spores into the air where they can be inhaled or allow the growth to spread to other areas of the house.

Mold remediation professionals have the experience, training, and equipment necessary to get rid of the mold and prevent it from returning. In most cases, the disruption of your normal life will be minimal. They can also treat the affected area, making it less hospitable for mold and decreasing the chances of it returning.

As an added bonus, all work is 100% guaranteed, which means you can rest assured of a quality job done right the first time.

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