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Friday, May 17, 2024

Does Your New Home Have a Mold Problem?

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

When we think of mold, we generally think of homes that have been hit with water damage or older homes where window and door seals have come loose, allowing excess moisture to get in which is the basis for mold growth. Many people think that this problem can be avoided by purchasing a new house, one that is untarnished by any of the problems that are commonly found in older constructs.

How New Homes are Affected by Mold

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is very possible to move into a new home and be almost instantly confronted with serious mold problems. This is primarily due to how the construction materials were treated while the home was being built. Some builders carelessly leaver lumber, drywall, and other materials exposed to the elements during the construction, and not protecting these materials means that they may be installed while still wet, or at the very least, damp. This will lead to very serious problems with mold, possibly even occurring before the home is ever occupied.

Quality builders will take the extra steps necessary to protect these components from the elements until such time as the roofing is installed, which will make the natural barrier for them against rain and ice. Builders that do not protect these components are literally building mold growth into the home almost from day one. While it may remain hidden for a time, it will continue to grow and possibly cause health issues for some time before being discovered. The investment in the home is also threatened because of the cost involved in cleaning up mold growth.

It is important to keep building materials dry during construction, since mold may still be present but in a dormant state, even if the piece in question has been dried out. Any level of high humidity may cause dormant mold cells to come back to life and continue growing within the home.

Mold not only presents a very real health risk to people living in the home, but it may also adversely affect a home's market value. Most people aren't aware of the existence of mold until they begin trying to sell the property, at which time a home inspection will typically reveal the full extent of the problem. The usual result is a reduction in the sales price or the termination of the sales contract altogether.

Don't be beguiled by the allure of a new home construction. Have a mold inspection done anyway. Better to spend a little money now than a lot later on.

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