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Homeowners' Insurance

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

HOME OWNER'S INSURANCE? Why do you need it? Why is it so important? What is the financial protection? What damages does it cover? What are your responsibilities?Like the majority of home owners, you too probably put a lot of time and money into your home. Home insurance is the best and most affordable way to protect your investment from different kinds of damages that might occur.

When you insure your home, not only do you insure the structure and the household content, but you also insure your financial future as home insurance will help you to fend off potential debts and financial misfortune in the future.

So really, why do you need to spend money to insure your home? The answer to this question includes five important parts that explain the different aspects and protection that a good homeowners' policy will provide.

Because You Never Know

Insurance provides a safety net for you and your family when unfortunate events happen. Unfortunate events may include damage to the structure such as water damage or fire damage, theft or burglary, and more.

Because Restoration, Replacement, Repair or Rebuild May Be Expensive

An insurance policy will guarantee required funds to recover from damages and will pay for professional help in case you need to restore, replace, and rebuild damages in your home.

Because of Your Precious Valuables

A good insurance policy will help you protect valuables such as jewelry, art, antiques, etc., in case they are stolen or damaged. Although some valuables may have a high sentimental value that cannot be replaced, a financial compensation is better than no compensation at all.

Because of Your Visitors

A comprehensive policy will include personal liability protection for costs associated with injuries to persons or damage to the property of others for which you are legally responsible.

Because Your Lender Requires

Whether you buy a home or build it, if you need a mortgage, your lender will demand that you provide an insurance policy before they approve your mortgage.

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