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Friday, February 23, 2024

Tips for Cleaning Gold

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Gold has been used for generations as solid currency, not to mention jewelry and other decorative applications. It is fairly scarce and all but indestructible, but even gold needs regular maintenance and cleaning in order to remain attractive and show off its natural luster and shine. By utilizing the right care and upkeep, your gold will retain its beauty and appeal for decades to come.

Not many people think of the words "cleaning" or "maintenance" when they talk about gold. Many just figure that it will always be what it is. Fortunately, the cleaning of gold isnít complicated. Just a soft brush, some rubbing alcohol, and a lint-free cloth are all you need.

In most cases, gold jewelry should be cleaned professionally about once every year. Professional cleaning gives the piece a deep cleaning and quality inspection at the same time. Most gold retailers will offer gold cleaning for no charge as a part of their warranty. So whenever possible, take the gold back to where you bought it.

Everyday Gold Cleaning Tips

Clean gold on a regular basis at home using mild soap and water. Refrain from using harsh chemicals since they may be capable of harming the material. Soap applied with a soft bristle brush is all that is required to remove most stain buildups. Remember that gold is a soft metal, so anything too abrasive will leave marks and scratches, marring the gold and leaving it with a hazy finish.

If it has been a while since the last cleaning and there is grime setting in, then you will need to soak the gold in rubbing alcohol for about 15 minutes and then use a soft brush to dislodge and remove any dirt. The only time this should be avoided is if the gold has pearls on it, since alcohol will damage the pearls.

Gold should be rinsed off thoroughly after cleaning. Remember that even cleaners can leave behind residue that may become unsightly and dull the goldís natural luster.

Gold should be thoroughly dried with a lint-free cloth. This should be done immediately after the cleaning. If not, water spots may crop up, leaving the gold dull in appearance. Using a lint free cloth to buff the gold dry will restore the natural shine. Paper towels should be avoided as they tend to leave particle residue on the surfaces they touch.

Gold should always be properly stored to keep it in good condition. Gold that is stored properly requires less frequent cleaning and care. Gold pieces should be stored in separate cloth bags, preferably in a cool, dry location. This keeps the gold cleaner for a longer period of time. Because gold scratches easily, it is always recommended to keep it stored safely away from other jewelry or metals.

Gold does require some minimal maintenance, but kept up correctly, gold should continue to remain pleasing to the eye and a valuable commodity for generations to come.

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