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How to Utilize Space Saver Bags

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Most people have a certain level of clutter in your home, and in many cases, far more than most of us would like to see. Everything is supposed to be neat and in order, but far too often we end up going by the mantra of "a pile for everything and everything in its pile". This isn't exactly the greatest way to get organized or to keep your home presentable.

Space saver bags are one of the more unique methods of getting the most out of your storage space. Because most of us have more than we have room for, closets rapidly become cramped and overflowed. The most obvious culprits are bedding and seasonal clothes, both of which tend be in the way when they aren't actually being used. Some people rent out storage units to take care of this stuff, but there is a more convenient and less expensive way to handle it. Space saver bags allow you to get the absolute most mileage out of the storage space that you already have.

How Space Saver Bags Work

Space saver bags operate on the principle of decreasing the size of the items that you need to store, which in turn frees up additional space for other items. These bags shrink down the size of your stored items through vacuum suction and may be sealed airtight. This not only takes up less space, but also reduces the chances for problems such as mold to crop up.

When choosing this method of storage, you want to make sure that the items you are storing are fresh and clean to begin with. Remember, dirty or wet items can produce mold, meaning you open the bag months later to a very unwelcome surprise.

Items should be folded neatly to avoid wrinkles, and make sure you don't overfill the bag. Most space saver bags have a line that tells you when the bag is full. Abide by that in order to avoid problems. Overfilling the bag may result in the it breaking, or at the very least, leaking.

Once the bag is filled, a vacuum hose is then attached and all of the air in the bag is sucked out. The bag visibly shrinks considerably in size, thus making it possible to store many items in a relatively small space.

Space saver bags are also designed for traveling purposes, designed to let you fit more of what you need in your carry-on bag or luggage. Many travel space saver bags are designed to be used without a vacuum, as you would simply push the air out by hand.

Space saver bags are readily available at most department or discount stores.

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