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Friday, May 17, 2024

How to Eliminate Static Cling

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

In most household scenarios, static cling is an annoying problem, not one that is going to cost money or resources, but definitely one that gets on everybody's nerves.

It is what happens when materials hold onto too much electricity, causing other materials to cling to us due to opposite electrical charges. Dry air is the main cause of this problem, which is why clothes tend to come out of dryers experiencing static cling unless a dryer sheet was thrown in with the load.

Static cling is why pants and shirts cling unattractively to our bodies. It doesn't look good and it is uncomfortable for the wearer. In fact, as you go through the day, the static cling will become even more annoying due to friction from movement.

There are three basic methods for combating static cling: the use of a humidifier, anti-static cling products, or dryer sheets.

Humidifiers are small, portable units designed to adjust and maintain humidity and moisture levels within the home. It adds moisture to the air, eliminating the dryness in the atmosphere. Because static cling subsists in very dry air conditions, humidifiers help adjust the environment to get rid of static cling the natural way.

Anti-Static Products
Anti-static cling products are popular on the market for obvious reasons. Some sprays, such as Static Guard, may be used to instantly eliminate the problem, while other solutions such as wipes solve the problem in a different manner. The downside is that these solutions are only temporary, but the upside is that they are excellent for situations where you are caught away from home, on the go, and unable to throw the clothes back in a dryer with an appropriate dryer sheet.

Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets are specifically made for getting rid of static cling. If you use them during every drying cycle, you will see remarkably different results than when you neglect to put a sheet in with the load.

Of course, there are other methods, such as putting lotion on your body before putting on garments, removing clothes from the dryer while they are still a bit damp and allowing to air dry, or spraying water in the air and walking through it while wearing the clothes.

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