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Friday, February 23, 2024

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Next to automobiles, vacuum cleaners are one of the most common purchases for any home. We all need one because our carpets get dirty, our shelves get dusty, and draperies need to have tiny particles removed from them. Choosing a vacuum can be a tall order, simply because there are so many models to choose from, but it is important to make the right choice and get the vacuum unit that works best for your home or business needs.

In many cases you may be well advised to go with a recognized manufacturer; however, there are those diamonds in the rough, more obscure manufacturers that make available options that may be more suited for your home. Take the time to research all the possibilities and see what each manufacturer offers. Online reviews by people who have already purchased a product you're considering can be found on most national chain store's websites that might be helpful in making a decision.

Basic Aspects to Look for in a Vacuum

Obviously, construction quality is a major consideration. A vacuum is going to get considerable use, and you want one that can hold up over the long haul. Take the time to test it out, feel the weight, and see how easy it is to maneuver and use. Is the model constructed of quality materials or cheap plastic that will warp and break over time? We've all thrown around our share of vacuums, so make sure the model can take the abuse.

Suction power is probably the single most important aspect of a vacuum purchase. If the vacuum will not pull up the dirt, it isn't much use to you. Determine how many amps the unit requires for maximum performance. Typically, the higher the amps, the greater the suction.

Cord length and hose length are also important. We've all gone one step too far and yanked a cord out of the wall, and hoses should be long enough to allow you to reach those hard to get at locations. Many newer models come with telescopic wands that make it much easier to clean your drapes, shelves, and other out of reach places.

Vacuums should also come with the right attachments to take care of different problems. Some have pet hair removers, crevice tools, stiff bristle brushes (for dislodging dried dirt), mattress cleaners, or dusting brushes. Decide what is necessary for your home or business.

Vacuums may also vary in the amount of noise they create. The more expensive the unit, the quieter it is likely to be. You should determine how much noise you are willing to live with.

Take your time, shop around, and check out reviews for any model you are interested in purchasing.

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