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Glossary of Common Restoration Terms - W

Wall Covering
A wall covering is any material used to cover a wall's surface as a final finish.

Warping refers to the physical change of a surface, wall, floor, or ceiling from its original shape as a result of water or heat damage.

To wash means to clean or remove particles through the action of water.

Wash Basins
Washbasins are also called sinks and are used in kitchens or restrooms for cleaning or water-related purposes. Wash basins can be made of porcelain, porcelain enamel or stainless steel.

A washout is the erosion of a relatively soft surface like roadbeds by a sudden flow of water, resulting from a heavy downpour or floods.

Wastewater refers to the used or discarded water from a residential, commercial or industrial drainage system. This includes liquid waste from kitchens, restrooms and commodes.

Water Analysis
Water analysis is the process of testing and analyzing of the material contents of water. This analysis is also used to determine the presence of bacteria and chemicals.

Water Migration
Water migration is the action of water to flow, seep, or move in and out of the capillaries or pores of a material's structure.

Water Pollution
Water pollution refers to the presence of harmful or unfavorable materials or substances in water that damages the water's quality.

Water Quality
Water quality refers to the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of water based on acceptable levels and these are used with respect to its suitability for a particular purpose.

A watermark is a stain on a material's surface that is caused by water.

A watershed is an area of land where all surface drainage and tributaries flow into a single body of water.

Watershed Management
Watershed managements involve the analysis, protection, development, operation and maintenance of a particular watershed. This includes the management of the land, vegetation and water resources of a watershed for the conservation of all its resources for the benefit of all residents.

Watershed Restoration
Watershed restoration is a program of improving the current conditions of a watershed. Work includes the restoration of degraded habitat and provision of a long-term protection for all resources.

Weep Hole
A weep hole is a small home that is designed to drain or relieve water from a certain structural component. It can be constructed as part of the original design or made after a system or component has become saturated with water.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are cleaning and water extraction tools used to suck up water from floors and carpets using a vacuum motor and a wet recovery tank.

Wetland Restoration
Wetland restoration refers to the process of returning a wetland ecosystem to a close approximation of its original conditions.

Wetlands are areas that are water-saturated and frequently flooded areas. These include swamps, marshes, deltas and coastal zones and contain habitats for flora and fauna that are adapted to a watery environment. Wetlands can purify water and absorb excessive rainfall.

Winterizing is the process of preparing and protecting a home or a building from freezing and the effects that freezing can have on the home’s facilities and components. An example is properly insulating water pipes to prevent freezing and burst pipes that will cause severe water damage.

Wipers are absorbent cloths from a variety of materials that are used to clean soils and liquids from surfaces.

Wrinkling is the distortion or rippling of a surface due to physical means or as a result of drying out after exposure to water or moisture.


This glossary is another free service, provided by RestorationSOS® as a part of our comprehensive service pledge. We believe that knowledge is a key element in a smooth and successful restoration project.

The terms in this glossary are commonly used during fire and water damage restoration projects. These terms are likely to be included in the estimate and contract, and are usually translated into the final cost. Please feel free to contact us with any question or concern.

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