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Glossary of Common Restoration Terms - Q

Quality Assurance
The term quality assurance refers to the system of procedures used in selecting a good quality approach in management and labor within an organization and a restoration job site.

Quality Control
The term quality control is a system of procedures and standards that controls the quality of the production and installation of materials at a restoration job site.

Quarry Tile
Quarry tiles are square stone tiles that are usually red in color and are joined together with grout. Quarry tiles can be used for restroom floors.

Quaternary Ammonium Chloride
Quaternary ammonium chloride or Quats as it is more popularly known are a volatile, cationic disinfectant- cleaner that is used to destroy microorganisms like mold, mildew and fungi. Quats kills germs by rupturing their cell walls. Quats are more economical disinfectants than bleach or pine oil.

Quick Mix Blend Center
A quick mix blend center is used as an automatic chemical dispensing systems where chemicals are mechanically mixed to produce ready-to-use cleaners and cleaning products. These products are dispensed into a spray bottle or directly into mop buckets, auto-scrubbers or carpet cleaning equipment during restoration work.


This glossary is another free service, provided by RestorationSOS® as a part of our comprehensive service pledge. We believe that knowledge is a key element in a smooth and successful restoration project.

The terms in this glossary are commonly used during fire and water damage restoration projects. These terms are likely to be included in the estimate and contract, and are usually translated into the final cost. Please feel free to contact us with any question or concern.

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