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Glossary of Common Restoration Terms

Unfortunately, disaster strike without a notice and you can never be ready enough to deal with water or fire related disasters as they occur. The best solution is to adopt a proactive approach and prevent damage by awareness, frequent inspections, and proper home maintenance.

However, preventative measures don't always help and facing a disaster is sometimes inevitable. In these events, you can always trust RestorationSOS® to be on your side and provide fast and professional restoration services.

As part of our comprehensive service pledge, we, at RestorationSOS®, believe that knowledge is a key element in coping with a disaster. By providing you with valuable information, we hope to assist you with making educated decisions regarding services and products you may need or want during a restoration project.

Our glossary includes terms that are commonly used by the industry and will probably be used during a restoration project, should you even need one. These terms are likely to be included in the estimate and contract, and are usually translated into the final cost.

Glossary of Common Terms

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