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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Basement Flooding

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

When discussing the concept of flooding, basements deserve special mention because of their vulnerability. There is also a tendency to overlook them because some basements are not visited regularly. However, attention should be given to them because they are the most common entry points for flooding to occur.

Basements are prone to floods because they are situated lower than the other areas of the property. With gravity at play, there is a tendency for the water to flow downwards and collect in the basement. There are many things to consider regarding flooding in the basement. One of the most important is an accurate assessment of the flooding character. Knowing this will help determine the necessary steps for flood prevention in the basement.

If the flooding of the basement tends to happen in a pattern, then the problem may be seasonal or geographical in nature. Some areas are more prone to flooding because of their proximity to bodies of water. The way the ground slopes is also a factor on whether or not the basement will flood. In either case, property owner should properly protect their basements from flooding.

Start by inspecting how the water enters the property. If the moisture is isolated in one area, then it may be because of cracks in the walls. Properly caulk these openings and make sure that the water does not flow from the outside towards the basement. If needed, rework the landscaping outside the basement. An example of what can be done is to level off the ground in gardens or the yard with the addition of soil.

For larger accumulations of water, a waterproofing membrane and the application of sealants on the interior walls can help. Finally, sump pumps and other drainage systems can be quite invaluable to preventing floods from entering the basement of the home.

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