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Friday, May 17, 2024

Holidays Fire Safety - part 1

By Jonathan Meyer

Ensuring your family a safe and happy holiday season is simple as most damages can be reduced and even prevented by following a few simple precautionary steps.

Selecting a Christmas Tree

Preventing fire damage caused by Christmas trees is simple. Read this article to learn how to minimize and prevent Christmas tree fire related hazards. Simple DIY stepsIf you purchase an artificial tree, be sure it is labeled as fire-retardant. However, choosing a fresh tree requires more attention. If you choose to buy a fresh tree, you will have to check it first to confirm it is really fresh. Fresh trees are not dry, therefore, they are more fire-resistant compared to trees that have been cut a while ago and are dry and much more flammable.

As you check your tree, start with the trunk. The trunk should be sticky to the touch. Then, move on to the needles. Needles on a fresh tree should not be broken easily and are green and hard to pull back from the branches. Another good test is to bounce the trunk on the ground. If the tree is fresh, not many needles will fall off.

It is also recommended to purchase the tree during the optimal timeframe. You do not want to put your live tree up too early or leave it up for longer than two weeks.

Caring for Your Tree

Once selected and brought home, your tree is a potential fire hazard. Treat it with care to minimize the risk. Place your tree in a sturdy tree stand that is designed not to tip over and water it daily to keep it as moist as possible.

The most important aspect of Christmas tree fire safety is its position. Place your tree at least three feet away from heat sources such as fireplaces, electric heaters, and heat vents. By doing so, you reduce the chance that your tree will catch fire from a spark or an open fire source such as the fireplace. In addition, placing a tree close to heat sources will cause it to dry out faster and become more flammable.

Try to place the tree as close to an outlet as possible so that light cords are not running long distances.

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This article focused on the safety measure required when decorating and lighting your Christmas tree. Follow these steps to ensure you and your family a happy and safe holiday.

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