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Warehouse Water Damage Recovery

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Warehouse water damage is especially troublesome simply due to the fact that it often goes undetected for so long. In many cases, by the time the problem is discovered, serious damage has already been inflicted. Even worse, long term problems such as mold may have cropped up, which means serious health threats in addition to any damage done to the structure or its contents.

As with any case of water damage, warehouse water issues should be cleaned up and repaired as soon as they are discovered. Failure to do so means that the problem only gets worse. If there is an active leak, the first order of business will be to locate the source of the water and shut it off. This prevents more water from getting into your property and it allows you to determine what type of water you are dealing with. Dealing with rain water from a compromised roof is nowhere near the threat presented by water coming from a malfunctioning sewer connection.

The electricity in the area should be turned off in order to eliminate the possibility of electrocution for those working in and around flood waters. Many people overlook this step. Be sure the power is turned off at the source - the electrical box.

The damaged area will need to be cleaned out, free of loose items such as furniture or any stored inventory or products. These may have been damaged by the water; however, they can be removed and cleaned and repaired elsewhere. This prevents them from becoming an impediment to the regular repair work taking place in the facility.

Any standing water will need to be removed and the depth and severity will determine whether a wet/dry vacuum unit is required or a more heavy duty solution such as a gas-powered submersible pump is needed. These units can remove much of the water in the building, generally up to 90% of it; however, surfaces will still be wet to the touch, which means that they have retained significant amounts of moisture. These surfaces will need to be completely dried out in order to make sure all moisture is fully removed from the facility.

If everything isnít dry, then mold will be the eventual result. Mold brings with it all kinds of health threats, from mild allergic reactions to severe neurological disorders. Mold remediation should be undertaken by a professional who knows how to remove the growth and then treat the area to prevent it from returning.

Damaged walls and ceilings will need to be repaired and restored in order to return the warehouse to its pre-loss condition. Electrical and HVAC systems will also need to be inspected before further use.

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