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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Shopping Malls Water Damage Recovery

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Shopping mall owners should contact their insurance company as soon as possible following water damage to their property. Most insurers can be reached 24/7, precisely for emergency situations. The claims personnel will be able to advise the property owner on what to do next.

Staff members or store personnel who would be returning to the affected areas of the shopping mall to assess the damage or start the clean up should watch out for electrical hazards and signs of structural damage. Maintaining sanitation and basic hygiene is also critical. Limit exposure to contaminated water and be careful about handling possibly contaminated items.

Practice frequent hand washing to prevent illnesses. Also, as the cleanup starts, there will likely be a huge load of garbage that can attract small animals like rodents and insects so garbage must be stored, collected and disposed of properly.

To prevent mold growth, any standing water from the mall or affected retail stores must be removed, including wet items. Wet areas and materials should be dried immediately. The use of dehumidifiers and industrial fans will speed up the drying process.

If mold has started to grow, professional assistance is highly recommended. Individuals with asthma or known allergies to mold should not be asked to clean moldy areas or handle moldy items. Any porous material with mold must be discarded. Wet, nonporous materials or surfaces like metal usually are salvageable, if not physically damaged.

In the case of a shopping mall where water damage is likely to affect a large area, calling a professional water damage restoration company is certainly advisable to ensure proper and quick cleanup, disinfection and drying of the building.

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