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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Water Damage in Schools

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Schools are among the most critical infrastructures in a community with features that are unique from other institutions, one of which is the fact the schools are occupied predominantly by children, teens or young adults that make up its student population.

This presents certain concerns for school administrations in the event of a water damage incident since students are not expected to know right away exactly what to do during or after such emergencies if they have not been prepared for them. Therefore, they will need careful guidance from school staff in order to ensure their safety.

Health & Education Factors

Students are also more susceptible to health risks related to water damage in a school building. In particular, children whose immune systems are still developing are likely to develop respiratory symptoms if a water-damaged school becomes infested with molds. Poor indoor air quality as a result of water damage can also affect the concentration and learning of students.

Another factor to consider is, especially in smaller communities where resources may be more restricted, what to do if an entire school building is affected by water damage or the after effects of water damage such as mold, flooding, or non-working plumbing systems. Will there be another building that can house classes effectively so students can continue their education while repairs are being made or will classes need to be canceled until the building is fully repaired? If so, will lost school time need to be made up at the end of a school year? These are just a portion of the considerations that need to be made when water damage affects a school.

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