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Friday, May 17, 2024

Water Damage in Retail Stores

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

In business, risks are a given. Some offer potential gains while some bring about nothing but potential losses such as water damage. This is very true in a retail store where the risk of financial loss is great in the event of water intrusion such as a flood, burst pipe, overflowing toilets, or even sometimes water damage from a faulty sprinkler system. You may also see water damage after a sprinkler system is set off by smoke or fire. And although rare, there is the potential of water damage if a storm or tornado occurs, windows break and water from the storm enters the building.

Potential Damages

A retail store is filled with products in the selling space and inventory items in the stock room that were bought for resale, but could be water-damaged or contaminated and, hence, may have to be thrown out. Employees also share of the financial risks of water damage to a retail store since they can lose their jobs if the business fails to recover from water damage.

In addition, water damage also presents risks to employees' safety from electrocution hazards to exposure to potentially contaminated water. After a water damage incident, an affected store that was not cleaned up properly would be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms like bacteria and mold, which carries serious risks to one's health.

Businesses such as retail establishments should always carry insurance coverage to protect against the potential of water intrusion and water damages.

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