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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Medical Facilities Water Damage Recovery

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Where to Begin with Recovery Efforts

Report any water leaks immediately to the Facilities Management. If possible, keep the surrounding area from getting wet by putting a trash can below the leak. All furniture, equipment and documents that could be water damaged should be covered with plastic sheeting. As part of the preparedness efforts of a medical facility, the staff should be informed beforehand which department they could get tarps and plastic sheeting from for such emergencies.

If the medical facility needs to be evacuated, the staff must follow the instructions of the emergency response team. Following water damage, stabilizing the environment would be the top priority. As soon as the area is cleared of any safety risk by officials, inspect the affected area.

What to do in Case of Extensive Damage

In case of extensive water damage, it is crucial to act promptly to stabilize the environment in order to prevent mold growth. Call a water damage restoration professional immediately to assist the Facilities Management in adjusting conditions in the affected area to meet the level of temperature and relative humidity that is ideal for recovery.

Wet vacuums and/or pumps may be necessary to extract standing water. To encourage air circulation in the affected area, use portable fans and vent air away from the room, if possible. Using a portable dehumidifier is another option to help speed up drying; however, the room temperature may increase with its operation. A portable generator may be needed if the supply of electricity has been impacted or unreliable.

What's Next after Initial Recovery Steps

Once the environmental conditions in the affected area have been stabilized, the next step is to assess the water damage: What is the extent? How many units/floors are affected? What types of materials or items are damaged (equipment, furniture, paper records, journals, x-rays, etc.) Were the priority items salvaged? Will a third-party restoration service be needed to restore damaged items?

Keep in mind that any wet audio-visual, paper or microfilm materials have to be salvaged within two days to avoid mold growth. Water-damaged surfaces must not only be cleaned but also disinfected and treated to kill microorganisms. For faster restoration of the affected area and recovery of operations, work with a professional water damage cleanup company for cleaning extensive water damage.

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