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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Consequences of Water Damage in Colleges

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Learn about the consequences of water damage on college campuses and how water, water cleanup, and restoration can affect classes and campus facilitiesAs a result of water damage, classes held in the affected building would have to be cancelled until the facilities are cleaned up, treated, dried and restored. Needless to say, extensive damage would interrupt coursework, so special arrangements would have to be made to resume instruction.

The economic consequences resulting from water damage include the costs associated with replacing damaged structural materials such as floor coverings, sheet rock, and utilities. Building floors could be distorted such as the floorboards in gymnasiums, which would cup as soon as water is extracted if the boards had been saturated with water.

The financial costs would be greater if drying activities are not carried out immediately, leading to greater damage that require campus reconstruction. If a water-damaged building develops molds and the problem is not remediated, it will quickly lead to odors in the room, ugly marks on surfaces and health hazards.

In addition, mold carries health risks for staff and students. Studies revealed that molds can lead to respiratory symptoms and other ailments that can result to lower levels of concentration in classes or illnesses in students and staff.

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