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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Fire Damage in Office Buildings

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Damage from fire is something that no property owner likes to think about, especially when it is a commercial or industrial facility. Of course, the damage left behind will mean thousands of dollars in repair costs, but there also figures in the possible loss of business if the damage is severe enough that the property is uninhabitable for an extended period of time.

As with any case involving fire damage, timing is important in the immediate aftermath. The situation must be stabilized in order to prevent further damage from occurring, and steps taken to salvage valuable machinery, records, or other items vital to the company's continued existence.

Unfortunately, all too often companies go with restoration companies that are less than qualified to handle their particular situation. Fire damage does not forgive many mistakes and can you end up with a bad situation made even worse, easily doubling or tripling your repair costs before the course is reversed and proper restoration professionals brought in.

Use Caution When Dealing with Fire Damage

Fire damaged structures are dangerous places. The walls may have been weakened, making them prone to collapse. There may also be the danger of electrical shocks or reignition of the fire due to leaking gas. Smoke may give way to toxic fumes that can be dangerous if inhaled. Items damaged by fire, smoke, or soot may end up beyond repair if not properly handled from the first step. This is why only professional and experienced fire damage restoration services are recommended.

Professional fire restoration services are trained in the removal of all fire damaged items, which will be taken to a secure facility where they can be properly cleaned up, repaired, and restored. Smells and stains associated with the fire will be removed and cleaned, with furniture, appliances, and other items returned to their pre-loss condition.

One of the biggest problems with any sort of fire damage is the smell left behind by smoke; an acrid, choking smell that makes any environment unpleasant. Fire restoration professionals have the knowledge and tools to neutralize and remove odors from any number of materials such as curtains, clothing, upholstery, wood, leather, concrete, and any other surfaces.

How to Stabilize the Damaged Areas

If your business is ravaged by fire, there are a number of things you can do to stabilize the area (assuming it is safe to re-enter the damage zone). Replace your HVAC filters, and cover any well-traveled walking paths with towels to prevent soot and ash from being tracked elsewhere. Placing a double layer of cheesecloth over air vents will catch much of the soot circulating in the air and cut down on the problems associated with soot inhalation. Avoid electrical appliances and ceiling fixtures due to the risk of electrical shock.

Finally, have the contact number for your local certified fire and water damage restoration company. Available 24 hours per day, they can have a technician out to your place of business in short order, ready to assess the problem and begin the cleanup process.

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