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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Hotel and Motel Fire Damage Recovery

By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff

Any business suffers whenever it is the unfortunate victim of a fire; however, hotels and motels have additional disadvantages because they are among the ranks of those businesses where fire also affects their customers directly. A lodging establishment’s ability to properly execute fire damage recovery has a direct effect on their ability to continue doing a profitable business. Hotels and motels, in many cases, have a brand name to support, so it is important that any recovery procedure take place with a minimum of interruption of day to day operations.

Fire affects critical systems and operations for any business which means that the situation must be stabilized in order to prevent long-term damage. Smoke and soot will need to be cleared out, any structural damage that threatens the establishment’s stability needs to be repaired, and damaged furniture, appliances, and other items will need to be removed and either repaired or replaced. Every damage scenario is unique which is why professional restoration providers need to be brought in to properly handle the situation.

It goes without saying that the more units that are damaged, the more business is interrupted. It is therefore imperative for hotels and motels to have these units repaired as quickly as possible. This means choosing a restoration company that can expedite the restoration process, getting to work as soon as possible so that the hotel may sooner be able to resume normal business operations at capacity.

Other Fire Damaged Areas to Consider

Fires may also destroy critical data such as customer records and files or employee information. The window time of recovery for record files is very narrow, which means that the restoration company should be well versed in the handling of digital and hard drive records in order to ensure client and corporate confidentiality.

Fire damage is almost always juxtaposed with some form of water damage since water is commonly used to fight fires. This means that fire damage can give way to water damage, which can give way to mold problems. Mold establishes and brings with it any number of bacterial and viral infections. Restoration procedures should also include proper mold removal and remediation techniques. These involve not only killing the mold but also improving the ventilation and other environmental issues in order to prevent the mold from returning.

Fire damage may also have serious effects outside of the initial damage zone. Smoke may be carried through ventilation systems and cause damage in rooms that may have escaped the damage by fire. Experienced restoration professionals know where to look for damage in those areas that might initially escape notice, as well as looking for signs of damage not only within the ventilation system, but also other areas such as the electrical wiring and electrical components.

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