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RestorationSOS.com is the world's largest resource for fire and water damage, mold and sewage backup. Read the Frequently Asked Questions to find answers questions regarding damage prevention, dealing with damage as it occurs, damage assessment and much more.

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Water Damage

1. How can I safely inspect my house after water damage?
2. What are the best ways to secure my property after water related damage?
3. How can I estimate the extent of the damage?
4. What are the electricity related safety rules after water damage?

Water Damage Prevention

1. How can I know if I have water damage in the kitchen?
2. Where do I need to look for water damage in the bathroom while inspecting?
3. Can the attic vents be a water damage "threat"?
4. I can see drips in the washing machine while it is not in use. Is that normal or is it a sign for water damage?
5. I checked my attic insulation and it seems wet. How can I dry it and make sure it is still in good condition.
6. I can see discoloration on the wall near my utility sink and the wall is getting softer. Does that mean a problem?
7. What are the recommended tests for a sump pump?
8. What are the warning signs for water damage in the refrigerator?
9. Do I have to install an exhaust fan in my bathroom?

Recovering from Water Damage

1. Do I need to throw away all my kitchenware after a flood?
2. What is air drying?
3. My books where soaked in water. How can I salvage them?
4. What can I do if I need to salvage my photos but I can't get to it immediately?


1. What is so dangerous about mold?
2. Will cleaning moldy areas stop the growth?
3. How can I tell if I have mold?
3. Where does mold grow?

Mold Prevention

1. What are the basic steps to mold prevention?
2. What are the techniques for mold prevention in the bathroom?

Fire Damage

1. How can I safely inspect my house after fire damage?
2. What are the best ways to secure my property after fire related damage?
3. How can I estimate the extent of the damage?

Fire Damage Prevention

1. What can I do to reduce the chances of fire damage in my bedroom?
2. What are grease fires and how can I fight grease fires?
3. How can I safely store flammable liquid?
4. Is it safe to store appliances such as a loan mower or a snow blower in the basement?
5. What are the important safety rules regarding bathroom appliances?
6. Are there any specific safety measures for electrical boards?
7. What are the safety rules to prevent fire in the kitchen?
8. How can I test my smoke detector and how often should I do it?
9. What can I do to reduce fire hazards in my backyard?
10. What are the safety rules, required to secure my office against fire?
11. I am planning to replant my backyard. What should I do to reduce fire hazards?

Recovering from Fire Damage

1. Do I have to throw food after a fire?

Sewage Backup

1. What is raw sewage?
2. What are the health risks related to exposure to sewage?
2. What causes the blockage in my sewer?


Home Owners Insurance

1. Will my home owner's policy covers water damage as a result of a hurricane?

Renters Insurance

1. How much does renters insurance cost?
2. Doesn't my landlord's insurance covers me?
3. Why do I need liability insurance?

Business Insurance

1. Does my small business need insurance?
2. Isn't business insurance expensive?

Flood Insurance

1. Will my flood insurance policy cover sewer backup?
2. Doesn't federal disaster assistance pay for flood damage?
3. What is covered by a flood insurance policy?
4. Who is eligible for flood insurance?
5. Does my NFIP Policy cover mold or mildew?

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